Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Precision Dentistry for Better Health

Did you know that your overall health is affected by changes in your dental health? If disease, infection, aging or an injury has disrupted your dental health, dental surgery (or oral surgery) may be recommended for patients who need added dental health support. With a commitment to patient care and comfort, Dr. Chong uses his experience in delivering painless oral surgery and treatments to design a better life for each of his patients. To learn more about restorative dental treatments give us a call at 760-634-7980 to schedule your consultation.


Types of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

From Wisdom Teeth To Replacement Teeth

The goal of oral surgery is to treat dental health problems before they pose further risks to the body or lead to a worsened health condition. Oral surgery serves as a significant dental solution when more comprehensive treatments are needed:

  • Apicoectomy Mini Dental Implants
  • Bone Grafting Oral Pathology
  • Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Corrective Jaw Surgery Sleep Apnea or Sleep Apnea Appliances
  • Dental Implants
  • TMJ Disorder (TMD) or Jaw Pain
  • 3i Dental Implants Dental Botox
  • Impacted Canines Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Will it Hurt?

Painless Dentistry With Dr. Chong

From cracked tooth restorations to implant supported dentures, Dr. Chong is highly experienced in restorative dentistry and is known by his patients for his steady hands and careful touch. If dental surgery is necessary, his services in sedation dentistry can help any patient reach a level of deep relaxation for a painless experience. Using the best tools available in modern dentistry, Dr. Chong is able to carefully treat dental issues and allow fast healing and comfortable recovery.

Dental Implants

Permanently Stronger Smiles

Dental implants are a well-known restorative treatment for patients seeking to replace the loss of teeth with strong and natural looking replacement teeth (dental crowns). Unlike partial or complete dentures that require daily removal and cleaning, dental implants are fixed into the mouth to serve as a permanent dental solution. After a certified periodontist places these strong titanium devices into the mouth, dental implants fuse to the jawbone to support strong, color matched dental crowns. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. Ask yourself if these benefits of dental implants fit your unique needs:

  • replace one or more missing teeth and prevent further tooth loss
  • reduce or prevent jawbone deterioration or movement of adjacent teeth
  • resolve certain cases of joint pain in the jaw (TMJ) or bite problems
  • secure a dental bridge or denture for added comfort and stability
  • restore proper biting, chewing and speaking abilities
  • improve esthetic appearance of a confident, healthy smile

The dental implant process is relatively simple and involves the initial placement of the dental implant (the titanium base) into the jawbone while the patient is comfortably sedated and relaxed. Once the gums are healed, a small incision is made over the dental implant and the custom-made crown is secured into place over the connector piece (the abutment) of the dental implant. Once placed, your new smile may look, feel and function just like a regular healthy set of teeth. Of course it is always important to maintain a healthy dental hygiene routine (brushing and flossing twice daily!) to support a strong smile for the future.

Dental Implants With Dr. Chong

Painless Restorative Treatments Every Time

Many of our patients have claimed that their lives have been changed by dental implants! At Carlos Chong Family Dentistry, we take our dental implant process seriously by using the best tools and methods administered by the most certified practitioners! At your appointment we’ll bring in our professional implantologist who has specific education and experience in delivering the best in dental implant treatments. By using the most trusted and respected brands in dental implants, such as Zimmer, Straumann, Camlog, Nobel Biocare and more, we encourage the highest quality results with implants you can rely on for years. If you are looking to restore your smile with treatments that offer beautiful results in a positive environment, Dr. Chong and our staff welcomes you to give us a call 760-634-7980 to schedule your appointment.


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