Gentle Root Canal Therapy

Is a nagging or sharp pain in your tooth making it impossible to sleep at night or find some peace of mind? When the soft inner center or “pulp” of a tooth becomes infected, your immune system attempts to fight the infection before the tooth dies or falls out. At Carlos Chong Family Dentistry, we believe your teeth should never hurt! When you come in for root canal therapy our specialization in providing state-of-the-art endodontic care will have you smiling carefree in no time.

Reasons For Endodontic Therapy

Restoring The Health of Your Teeth

Endodontic dentistry focuses on treating diseases or infections that occur inside the tooth. Also known as root canal therapy, endodontic therapy focuses on healing multiple forms of tooth decay or injury:

  • bacterial infections that may occur inside an injured or decayed tooth
  • fractures or chips to the tooth surface or dislodged dental crown
  • injuries such as cracks, chips, broken or dislodged teeth
  • tooth that is knocked-out and requires replacement with root canal therapy

No matter your current dental hygiene routine or health, root canals may appear painlessly at first but require a dentist or endodontist to properly treat the tooth.

Symptoms of a Root Canal

Know The Early Signs

It isn’t always obvious to spot signs or symptoms of a root canal, but at Carlos Chong Family Dentistry, Dr. Chong has the professional experience to discover warning signs before they become more painful or expensive to treat. At your six month cleaning or exam he is able to monitor any changes in your current dental health and explain your treatment options. Chronic toothaches or pain in the mouth aren’t normal. Give us a call today if you have one or more of these root canal symptoms:

  • chronic toothache or pain in or around the tooth
  • dental abscess around the gums
  • tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • discoloration above or below the surface of the tooth
  • unexplained pain in the nearby lymph nodes

If you have noticed that your teeth or gums are inflamed, tender, sensitive or are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, schedule an appointment with us today. Root canal therapy is a proven restorative method for preserving your natural tooth structure for a healthier smile and improved dental health.

Our Gentle Root Canal Process

Restored Teeth For A Stronger Smile

Patients receiving root canal therapy are first administered a local anesthetic to eliminate pain during the process. For patients who seek a deeper level of relaxation, sedation dentistry may be applied for maximum comfort during treatment. Once the patient is comfortable, a small hole is made into the tooth to access the infected pulp. This pulp (which contains the source of pain) is removed, and the empty root canal is disinfected and filled with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. Finally, the restored tooth is completed with a filling or dental crown. After treatment your teeth may look and feel healthy again with little or no need to change your dental hygiene routine.

Endodontic Dentistry With Dr. Chong

Your Teeth Deserves To Last A Lifetime

Part of what makes Carlos Chong Family Dentistry an exceptional dental practice in Encinitas is the commitment made to conservative care. Because we educate each patient on changes in their dental health, our patients stay better informed of their options and never receive unnecessary treatments. Experienced in the field of endodontic dentistry, Dr. Chong is able to locate and treat diseases and injuries that occur to the dental pulp of the tooth by performing painless root canals and similar endodontic treatments. Give us a call at 760-634-7980 to ask about your recent toothache symptoms or come in for an appointment.

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